Cocktail Ring of the Week

This week we continue with Peridot, being birthstone for August. Legend has it that this yellow-green stone is an aid to friendship, bringing happiness and good cheer. It has long been associated with sun and light – the ‘gem of the sun”. Some even believed it protected its owner from the “terrors of the night” especially when set in gold.

An interesting fact about peridot is that very rarely it is found in pallasite meteorites. These stones would date back to the beginning of our solar system 4-5 billion years ago. Most of these peridot crystals fracture and crumble when falling to earth, so finding a stone of gem quality and reasonable size is extremely rare.

Our 6.78ct peridot this week is a stunning cushion shape, beautifully faceted to show off its unique bright yellow-green colour. Its 18ct yellow gold hand made setting comprises a split shoulder design which sweeps up to four curved, elegant claws. A minimalist design by Percy Marks to enhance and showcase the depth of colour in this gorgeous gemstone.


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