Cocktail Ring of the Week – Kunzite

A relatively young gemstone, Kunzite was discovered in California and first catalogued by George Kunz in 1902. It is currently found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Madagascar and Brazil.

Kunzite’s appeal lies in its sparkling clarity and colour, which ranges from a delicate pale pink to vibrant violet. It is usually light in tone; stronger colours are rare and their value rises accordingly. While quite a brilliant stone with a high degree of transparency, it is sometimes referred to as the ‘evening stone’ because of its sensitivity to light and heat. The colour can fade with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. However, this is no cause for alarm for the average jewellery wearer.

For those of you interested in the healing properties of gemstones, Kunzite is said to activate the mind and radiate peace, liberating us from worry and anxiety.

Our lovely Kunzite is showcased in a simple and elegant 18ct. white gold bezel setting designed to enhance its sparkling beauty and classic shape. Definitely one for the gemstone connoisseur!



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